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This site helped me I got a card in the mail as soon as they said their name I pulled this site up and the looks of it, I saved my butt. Thank you for sharing your stories and never ever give your info out over the phone :) People should not be fooled by these *** artist.

Its really sad these companies prey on consumers wanting to save money and especially around the holidays. Its way to easy to have your account information stolen so please beware of the scams and dont fall prey to them, keep your info personal.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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I received a card saying I won a 100 gift card,didnt say who it was from. I called and it was stonebridge,they said for a $2 fee I was going to get a $600 gift card,a $25 gift card and a $50 diamond and I just had to give them a card number. Told them I wasnt giving that information out and I would mail a $2 check when I got all these gifts,,,,,,,,,,,,,bwhahahaha,,,,,what a joke!!!!!!

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